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Whether it's purchasing your first home, using the equity in your current residence to refinance debt, or investing in renovations a mortgage is the next step to your household goals. Oswald Jackson (OJ) provides mortgage solutions acting in your best interest. With access to multiple lenders (banks, credit unions, private lenders, etc.), Oswald will scour his lender network to provide the most economical rate for his customers). Take the next step to your household goals and book a free consultation today!


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All information needed for a successful and secured future.

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receive updates every step of the way and always be informed.

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Home Buying

I will guide you throughout your home buying experience.

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Why Choose OJ.

Home purchase – Get the home of your dreams with a mortgage designed for you. Second Mortgage – For those with little equity in their home or credit issues, this is a solution to access funds against your home. Refinance – Eliminate higher interest rate debts such as credit cards, by using the equity in your home with a mortgage refinance.

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Debt consolidation - Borrow additional money on your mortgage to consolidate debts into one lower interest monthly payment. Home equity loan – Borrow against the equity in your home for costs such as a vacation, a new car, children’s school tuition, etc. Renovation/construction loan – Use the equity in your home for improvements, drastically increasing the value of your property.

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Why choose me?

Personal touch

I respond quickly and efficiently, ensuring you understand where we are in the process. I am always available for clients, never leaving you wondering where things stand.

Lowest rate

I will search for the best rate because I want to earn your business. The only way I can ensure that, is with the lowest rate.

Save time/one credit pull

With one credit pull we can shop your business to all the lenders ensuring the lowest payment possible. Without a mortgage agent, you would be applying to each lender, one by one, effecting your credit score each time.

Credit challenged

For those with less than perfect credit, I have access to lenders that would be interested in helping a client repair their credit. You are more than your credit score and I will do my best to get you approved.

Access to multiple lenders

Credit unions, banks, private lenders, etc. More options for you to secure a mortgage.

Problem solver

Self-employed, new to the country, no credit, bad credit – we can obtain mortgages for you!


Regulated by the Financial Services Commission of Ontario, this ensures all my business is conducted in an ethical manner.

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